The Power of Humor Show – Producer Seth Greenleaf

The Power of Humor Show – Producer Seth Greenleaf

Sometimes The Only Thing You Can Do Is Laugh! AND Sometimes What Goes Wrong Goes SO Right! In the name of science, today’s show is all about the strong correlation between a sense of humor and good health! That said, if you’re in or coming to NYC you MUST GO SEE “The Play That Goes Wrong’ at The Lyceum Theatre on Broadway where you will not stop laughing ! OMG! My mascara was running down my face! I invited Producer Seth Greenleaf to join the show today to take a bow for knowing how to pick em’ at 10:21am eastern ! Seth, is a Tony Award-winning producer and award-winning director. He is CEO/Producer/Partner/Director of GFour Productions & Management, one of the fastest growing production and management companies in the theatrical community. From small regional theatres to Broadway and beyond, this dynamic company has been successful in every aspect of the entertainment landscape. GFour has had a hand in some of the most influential shows on Broadway and the West End in recent years. They are also behind my other new favorite hysterical show Menopause The Musical!

GFour Productions
The Play That Goes Wrong
Menopause The Musical
Lyceum Theatre (New York City)
Seth Greenleaf
Greenleaf Productions

Funny How Some Dreams Don’t Come True… Initially! Don’t Give Up! Shout out today to Mental Floss on my ‘power of humor show’ – for this list of 32 people rejected by Saturday Night Live! Should inspire you to realize if you want to make it in comedy or ANYTHING, don’t give up on your dreams if things don’t work out at first. NO just means you need to try another angle! And Timing is everything! If you’ve got IT sooner or later somebody will get IT! lol Onward!

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