Book Coach Donna Kozik & Upbeat Stories From 2017

Book Coach Donna Kozik & Upbeat Stories From 2017

Another Year Ending And I Still Did Not Write My Book! BUT the years not over! Today I share my on air confession and frustration to award-winning Book Coach Donna Kozik! Love Donna who I value as an ongoing guest to educate fellow entrepreneurs about how to get a book done to use as, what she calls, a big business card. Donna, who hails from San Diego hosts virtual Write a Book in a Weekend events. And Yes Donna shows you how to get your book done in two days! Or at least she will inspire you to think you can! Tune in 10:20am eastern.

Donna Kozik – Write & Publish a Book in a Weekend
My Big Business Card

2017 Was Exhausting BUT Not All Bad! Shout Out to Reader’s Digest on the show today for these upbeat stories that will lift your spirits and remind you life always has some wonderful surprises in between all the madness.

Best Things That Happened In 2017, Readers Digest.

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