I know Debbie for 15 years. She was my client when she headed up First Wives Club and First Wives World. We worked together when she was on and off camera. I have dealt with many personalities over the years. Debbie is one of the few who truly understands media. When the lights go on, in any media medium, she exudes a certain confidence that translates into a passionate, relevant, and meaningful interview. I have seen this happen time after time. She brings an exciting, fresh approach to her assignments that the media adores. It was just so rewarding being her publicist because she made my job much easier. She hit home runs all the time. Off camera, Debbie is a complete team player. She not only respects others, but she gives them her full support. She is filled with creativity, new angles, and progressive thinking. Everyone loves being around her because she brings great positive energy to all projects. I can’t wait to work with her again”
– Lois Whitman-Hess, President, HWH PR

Working with Debbie Nigro has been a fantastic and new experience for Greenwich Polo Club. After listening to an interview she did to one of the world polo stars, we knew she was the person to talk polo to new audiences. Debbie does her research so well that her work is truly insightful. Fun radio with meaningful information.”
– Mariana Castro, Director of Marketing, Greenwich Polo Club, Greenwich, CT

Doral Arrowwood has been advertising on The Debbie Nigro Show since its inception. We cannot be happier with the results. Debbie’s interesting topics, fun and energetic style is quickly making her the hottest media personality in the NY Tri-State area.  As her listener base and sponsorship continues to grow we fully intend to grow with her.”
– Steve Mabus, General Manager, Doral Arrowwood Hotel & Resort, Rye Brook, NY

As a big Sirius radio fan I usually listen to Howard or 70’s on 7 but this summer my car had no satellite radio so I began listening to Debbie Nigro’s show by podcast on my iPhone.  Debbie is so hysterical and has such interesting guests on the show.  She keeps me totally entertained while I’m commuting.  She’s got me hooked as a new fan and I feel like a friend right there in the studio with Debbie and her guests.”
– Alita Friedman, Chief Executive Officer, Alita’s Brand Bar

Dear Debbie, I have been a fan of the ‘right kind’ of talk shows for years. I often listened to Joan Hamburg and when I  came across your show felt you had a similar appeal . What I like most is your friendly upbeat disposition, You cover informative topics with good hardcore facts and combined with your fun style, the show is just great. Keep it up.”
– EV, Listener, Scarsdale, NY

Debbie Nigro gets it! Love her show and the enthusiasm she brings to the table. I don’t like being a guest… I LOVE being a guest on her show!”
– Steven Costello, EVP, Steiner Sports

Debbie was always our first choice to be the voice to represent THANN Sanctuary Spa at the Castle Hotel & Spa in Tarrytown, N.Y.  She is entrenched in Westchester and Fairfield Counties and is keenly aware of who is who… and what is what…here and around the country as well. She has the sharpest capacity to put the right people in touch with the right people.”
– Gilbert Baeriswil, General Manager, Castle Hotel & Spa, Tarrytown, NY

Debbie Nigro has been a leader and an expert in the building and distributing female focused content. She is the symbol of empowered, driven and successful… a real time celebrity that speaks to women in a way that they can wholly identify with and to which if aligned properly, a marketers messaging will best resonate with.”
–  Professor Gina L. Cavallo, M.A./ Department of Communications and Media Studies, Fordham University, NY

The Debbie Nigro Show!  Where does that gal get her energy?!!  I simply adore Debbie’s Radio Show and the various guests that add their viewpoints to the show.  This morning I was listening in from home, the show was totally engaging and I became so absorbed that I totally forgot to get dressed for my lunch appointment!!  Debbie speaks from the heart and is knowledgeable about so many topics.  A pleasure!! She Is always confident, enthusiastic, humorous and more.  I recommend highly!!”
– Lory Kelsey, MSW, Greenwich Matchmaker, Greenwich, CT

I love listening to you on the air. You make every guest/subject sound so sexy!!”
– Carolyn Karp, Owner, Karp Ink PR, New York, NY

I don’t know exactly what it is about Debbie Nigro….but the first time we met it was like we had known each other for a long time….Time flies when you’re having fun on the air and an hour with Debbie is like 10 minutes. She GETS IT…if you know what IT is…She also HAS IT…Can’t wait to talk football and anything else that pops into our heads on Football Fridays!”
– Bruce Hall, Nationally Acclaimed Handicapper, Bruce Hall Sports, Washington, DC

Debbie has an incredible way of engaging an audience!  She continually works to over deliver and creates loyalty and excitement around her advertising partners.  Her drive and potential is endless and we are extremely pleased to be a part of her growth in the market.”
– Ryan Murphy, Vice President  Of Marketing, Empire City Casino, Yonkers, NY

There are few voices that never leave my mind. Debbie Nigro’s voice like James Earl Jones, Ruby Dee, and Larry King… captivates the listener.”
– Roberta Flack

Ms. Nigro is more than a radio personality… she’s an entertainer.”
– Jamie Masada, The Laugh Factory

Debbie shines as a rare combination of wisdom, a skilled communicator both with her listeners and guests, and as someone who does her homework. She always knows exactly the timing of strategic moves a brand should make and always has just the right words to get the message across. It’s clear that she is a consummate professional and loves what she does. Her radio is a MUST for all that are looking to improve sales, get brand recognition and receive LOVE.”
– Mitch Suss, CEO, NY Health & Wellness

As we discussed, our research indicated that many radio listeners are sick and tired of hearing the same predictable, boring, political talk, male oriented, yelling and screaming radio programs. Our target demographic is females 35+, which controls a sizable amount of expenditures in the economy. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of female oriented talk radio shows in syndication. Therefore, I began searching the programming of other radio stations close to, but in, our market. I’m glad I found your show! It’s bright, peppy, interesting, and keeps the listener’s attention. The show is also funny, and you do have a good variety of guests.”
– Ron Frisch, General Manager, WKAL-AM Radio

Airing for 2 1/2 Years , the show is now a Proven Concept With Universal Appeal Ready To Expand Distribution. The show is working for the station, sponsors, listeners, and guests. In this competitive land of the radio giants, WGCH-1490AM is able to attract listeners with lively topical programming such as The Debbie Nigro Show.  Debbie strikes exactly the right note of informative relevance and classy entertainment that our listeners seek out and appreciate.”
– Rocco Forte, Forte Family Broadcasting

I love booking my female clients on Debbie’s show. There is no other radio show like it that touches on so many important topics and that is so inclusive of women. My clients LOVE being on the show, as Debbie brings out the best in them, and provides a refreshing perspective on a wide variety of topics.”
– Stacy Callahan, Account Director, Astonish, New York City, N.Y.

Love, learn and laughter; that’s what the Debbie Nigro show is all about. From the moment I walked in, Debbie made me feel like part of the family. Debbie is warm, real, and relatable and breaks down the daily issues and concerns of all ages into laugh sized bites. The Debbie Nigro show is a welcomed breath of fresh air to talk radio.”
– Christine Georgopulo, Arthur Murray Grande Ballroom of Greenwich

Working with Debbie Nigro has been one of the biggest thrills of my life. Her professionalism, resilience, and results oriented determination makes everyone envious. Debbie knows how to build brands and is comfortable (and effective) with all forms of media. We had the privilege of watching her enthusiastically build the First Wives World brand through appearances on the Today Show; Fox and Friends; CNN; local news broadcasts; countless radio interviews; blogs; internet chats; Facebook, Skype – and my favorite… interviewing First Wives experts for our site in the window of the Empire State Building on Fifth Ave. which she arranged, to be our makeshift live TV studio each week. I believe there were over 200 taped interviews. She is a Founding Partner of this enterprise and so important to what we are today. Debbie is imaginative, bold and breathes success. I love working with her because when she enters a room she invariably brings the best out of everyone.”
– Paul Lambert, President and CEO, First Wives World Enterprises LLC

Debbie Nigro takes the title media partner to a whole new level. When she says she is committed to a project she lends her full force to a successful outcome (think class F-5 tornado). With a mammoth network and even more enormous heart she is an invaluable partner. And the best part is you laugh along the entire ride.”
– Lisa Johnson, Director of Public Relations, Delamar

Debbie has a unique natural ability to bring out the best in the people that she interviews. Her genuine passion, and charming delivery make you want to listen to her show religiously. We at Manfredi are thrilled to be a sponsor!”
– Roberto Chiappelloni, Owner, Manfredi Jewels