In case you haven’t noticed… The Advertising Experience Is Being Re-Invented Because Ad -Skipping Is Increasing.
Smart Marketers Are Turning To Creating Meaningful ‘Sponsored Content’ and  integrating their brand right into the creative messaging to break out of the clutter. On the radio, in podcasts, on Facebook Live and via other social media.
Debbie’s ‘special sauce’ is knowing exactly how to get a Brands message to ‘stick’  and connect with the audience ’emotionally’.  Brands can then leverage that message in multiple ways across their multiple social media platforms. And this same content will likely get picked up by others and used to draw a crowd for you.
Is An Expert At Helping You Stand Out From Your Competitors  |  Is An ‘Influencer’ Connected To Many Other ‘Influencers’ With Followings  |  Can Consistently Create New Ideas To Engage Your Existing Customers  |  Can Create Stand Out Content To Draw New Customers To Your Brand  |  Can Help New Customers See ‘You’ Understand ‘Them’ Creating Word-Of-Mouth  |  Has A Successful History Of Over Delivering For Her Sponsors
Radio and Podcasts And Content Syndication  |  Super Creative Product Placement Content Creator  |  Strong Relationships With Many Female Entrepreneur “Influencers” With Followings Locally And Nationally  |  Way Out Of The Box Marketing Ideas That Get Press Attention  |  Finger On The Pulse Of What’s Trending  |  Strong Connections With Decision Makers In Multiple Industries  |  Really Fun To Work With  |  Can brainstorm With You And Get You To Your AHA! Wow! Never Thought Of That! Holy Cannoli Moment – Usually In The First Try


Debbie has a unique natural ability to bring out the best in the people that she interviews. Her genuine passion, and charming delivery make you want to listen to her show religiously. We at Manfredi are thrilled to be a sponsor!”
– Roberto Chiappelloni, Owner, Manfredi Jewels

Debbie Nigro takes the title media partner to a whole new level. When she says she is committed to a project she lends her full force to a successful outcome (think class F-5 tornado). With a mammoth network and even more enormous heart she is an invaluable partner. And the best part is you laugh along the entire ride.
– Lisa Johnson, Director of Public Relations, Delamar

Debbie shines as a rare combination of wisdom, a skilled communicator both with her listeners and guests, and as someone who does her homework. She always knows exactly the timing of strategic moves a brand should make and always has just the right words to get the message across. It’s clear that she is a consummate professional and loves what she does. Her radio is a MUST for all that are looking to improve sales, get brand recognition and receive LOVE .”
– Mitch Suss, CEO, NY Health & Wellness

Debbie has an incredible way of engaging an audience!  She continually works to over deliver and creates loyalty and excitement around her advertising partners.  Her drive and potential is endless and we are extremely pleased to be a part of her growth in the market.”
– Ryan Murphy/ Vice President  Of Marketing, Empire City Casino Yonkers, N.Y.

Debbie Nigro has been a leader and an expert in the building and distributing female focused content. She is the symbol of empowered, driven and successful… a real time celebrity that speaks to women in a way that they can wholly identify with and to which if aligned properly, a marketers messaging will best resonate with.”
– Professor Gina L. Cavallo, M.A./ Department of Communications and Media Studies, Fordham University, NY



Here’s the Deal.

Most people Are Not Good at Telling Their Own story.

If you’re really good at what you do, we are interested in considering you as a sponsored content partner for the radio show.

Whatever Your Business, Service or Product –
We know just how to keep you relevant in the media.

We can either help you share your knowledge as a “Go-To” Expert In Your Industry Where you become the star OR we can create helpful information segments related to your business that your company can sponsor.

We’ve Got The Platform For You To Have Your Own Sponsored Featured Radio Segment ‘On The Air’ inside an award winning talk show
and the Podcast Of It Afterwards – one time or ongoing.

We can also Private Label The High Quality Podcast Of Your Feature
For Your Website in an ongoing series.

Turn Key. You Know What you Know. We Know What We Know.

We’ve got the platform. You Just Step Up.

Let’s Roll and Brainstorm About How We Might Work Together.

We Are About ‘Relationships’ Where Everybody Wins.
And a Lot of Fun To Work With!

Download Our Media Content Partnership Package Here With Pricing. Then Email Us at info@DebbieNigro.com and we will get right back to you.