Random Run In! Lisette Gutierrez-Davila & Siro Gutierrez McCormick and Best Places For New Years Eve? Jill Gonzalez

Random Run In! Lisette Gutierrez-Davila & Siro Gutierrez McCormick and Best Places For New Years Eve? Jill Gonzalez

Random Run In! Former Teacher Working With the Red Cross Helping Rebuild Puerto Rico Says Tourists Are Invited To Help The Island Get Back On Its’ Feet! Had to invite Lisette Gutierrez-Davila and her Dad Siro Gutierrez McCormick to the show after we randomly met on the train, because they have an important message to share. They were sitting across from me on the train into NYC last week when I apologized in advance I would be putting on make-up and they should try not to look as it’s a gruesome sport. We struck up a lively conversation and they shared a lot about the conditions of Puerto Rico, where many including their relatives still struggle for electricity, food, water, internet and phone service. Imagine that? 100 days after the storm called Maria hit? Puerto Rico needs tourists again, and while inland towns are struggling, things are getting better in San Juan as cruise ships are once again docking. In fact Lisette told me that when the first cruise ship finally returned to the island Nov 30th with thousands of vacationers, they were received with trumpets and cymbals.

According to DW.com – Storm-hit Puerto Rico starving for tourists: The hurricane “undoubtedly cost billions in lost revenue,” said Jose Izquierdo, executive director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company. “We want to look for travelers who want to travel with a purpose, who might have the commitment to help rebuild,” said Izquierdo.

The program, called “Meaningful Travel” and launched in mid-November, organizes trips on which residents, Puerto Ricans living abroad and tourists are invited to help the island get back on its feet. “The plan aims to create empathy with this tourist destination,” said Izquierdo. “We want to be like New Orleans after Katrina, where 10 years after the hurricane, tourism is the driving force of its economy. We want to build that narrative of recovery,” he added. “There are different ways in which the world wants to help Puerto Rico. The best way is to visit us.”

San Juan, Puerto Rico
American Red Cross
Lissette Gutierrez

Tune in 10:35am eastern.

PS: Also in the photo Lissette’s Daughter Valentina Ruiz-Jimenez-Gutierrez home visiting from Stanford University where she studying to be a neuroscientist. Go Girl!

Best Places For New Years Eve? There are plenty of fun affordable options for celebrating #NYE2018. WalletHub compared the 100 biggest cities based on 25 key indicators of an epic New Year’s Eve celebration and their analyst Jill Gonzalez joins me on the show at 10:21am eastern today. BTW: Their data ranges from legality of fireworks to average price of a New Year’s Eve party ticket to forecasted precipitation for Dec. 31. Read on for the winners, expert tips and our methodology.

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