Random Run In! Brian Ricks of Undisputed Legal, Inc.

Random Run In! Brian Ricks of Undisputed Legal, Inc.

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. is one of only three people to have a US national holiday observed in their honor. The other two are Christopher Columbus and George Washington. This year the celebration of Martin Luther King’s life falls on his actual birthday, January 15th. Stevie Wonder was instrumental in making this day come to life as an official holiday , and regularly performed at rallies, telling an Atlanta crowd in 1979, “If we cannot celebrate a man who died for love, then how can we say we believe in it? It is up to me and you” Wonder released his song “Happy Birthday” to celebrate the life of Martin Luther King on his 1980 album Hotter than July. The record’s sleeve featured a photograph of King with a message imploring fans to support the holiday bill: “We still have a long road to travel until we reach the world that was his dream. We in the United States must not forget either his supreme sacrifice or that dream.” More of Kings sage quotes below in the article.

Martin Luther King Day 2018: Nine quotes from the civil rights leader that still resonate today

Random Run In! Brian Ricks! This entrepreneur identified a void in an industry and then set out to fill it! Brian’s company is called “Undisputed legal Inc.”! He understands the plight of his clients, whether they need process services, eviction services, court services, subpoena services, skip trace services, or world compliance investigations, which is why they employ the most professional and experienced New York paralegals, process servers, subpoena servers, and skip tracers/investigators in order to ensure each case is completed accurately and efficiently. With an extreme investment to expand and improve his complete operation, Brian invested in state-of-the-art technology and offsite storage in order to comply with recent city/federal licensing regulations that require companies to safeguard and secure confidential information.

Undisputed Legal, Inc.
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