Dr. K, The Hug Doctor and “Guinness World Records”

Dr. K, The Hug Doctor and “Guinness World Records”

Guinness World Record Setting Hug Mob : Jan 21, 2018 National Hugging Day (NHD) has been observed since 1986 on January 21st. This year, in honor of NHD’s 32nd anniversary, a nonprofit called The Hug Alliance is aiming to set two new Guinness World Records in Los Angeles- the most nationalities ever in a group hug (50 or more nationalities will engage in a group hug (The intent is to break 100) and the first hugs from space (A NASA astronaut at the International Space Station will appear on the jumbo screen to give virtual hugs from space to honored attendees wearing kinetic sensor). Need a virtual hug? Tune in for a riot of an interview with Dr. K the Hug doctor (Dr. Stone Krausharr) at 11:21 am eastern. Might want to know that a hug that lasts 21 seconds trips your oxytocin? Hug wisely! LOL

The Hug Alliance
Guiness World Records

Shout Out On The Show Today To The Folks Who Made The Guiness World Records in 2017. Who Knew? Now You Do!
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