Businesswoman. Entrepreneur. Motivational Speaker. Author. Connector. Media Personality.


Debbie Nigro is a multi-faceted, business and broadcasting entrepreneur and visionary and a 3X Past Winner Of “The Best Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show of The Year” from the American Women In Radio & Television.

She has hit The Top 100 Talk Show Lists more than once. She was the first woman in the U.S. to own a radio syndication company (because she didn’t know any better and because no network at the time would risk syndicating a show by a woman that wasn’t about politics or who wasn’t a psychologist).

Nigro has a track record of consistently creating and delivering fresh award-winning branded content with inventive product integration. She is currently developing and producing private label podcasts for brands and experts.

Nigro continues to build and leverage many relationships with both ‘Macro’ and ‘Micro’ Female ’Influencers’ who raise awareness, engage with their followings and drive sales through their social media, blogs, newsletters and other forms of digital idea sharing. (Macro Influencers have 10,000+ followers often into the millions, while Micro Influencers start around 1000+ followers but often ones who are extremely loyal).

Nigro has spent over twenty plus years applying her creative talents building unique start-up business opportunities, spotting trends and untapped niche markets, and developing successful concepts, content and media businesses that drive revenue.

Nigro’s experience includes creating and implementing multi-platform media strategies, typically including original, powerful or humorous sponsor friendly content. Her expertise includes: radio, television, podcasting, blogging, online video, publishing, speaking engagements, new product launches, program creation, breakthrough public relations concepts, media awareness, commercial creation and production and event and media sponsorships.

She is a ‘connector’ who is extremely adept at spotting business opportunities and creating strategic introductions and alliances.

Debbie Nigro is currently the Owner and Executive Producer of the Daily Talk Radio Program called “The Debbie Nigro Show” – The Elite To The Street… A Fun Ride! The show currently airs weekdays in the NY & CT areas and is syndicated nationally weekends, by the Genesis Communications Network.

Podcasts of the show can be accessed on as well as on demand on iTunes, Tune In, The Debbie Nigro Show Facebook Page, and more.

The ‘topical’ (non-political) show has proven universal appeal. It’s a fun upbeat ride through the news of the day and features a range of guests from The Elite to the Street. It’s been said, “No one sees the Glass Of Cabernet Half Full Quite Like Debbie.” (She admits being ‘Delusional’ and ‘Delusionally Young’) And, “No one conducts an interview quite like Debbie,” say most.

Guests and sponsors alike are always lifted by being part of the show experience and many listeners say they ‘feel better’ after listening. The show is a combination of relevant information, education, entertainment, commiseration, and fun. Nigro has a penchant for ‘finding the light in the dark’ and a sweet spot for innovation, entrepreneurs and ‘fellow girlfriends in business,’ and she champions those going for ‘it’ whatever ‘it’ is. Nigro’s Signature Line? “Risk It or Regret It!”

Debbie Nigro also owns the trademark “Still A Babe…It’s An Attitude” aimed the 50+ female demographic, currently the largest segment of the population with the most disposable income and subsequently also, one of the most ‘depressed’ segments of the population. The ‘Still A Babe ™ focus is on developing avenues for sharing the right ‘attitude’ and some much needed humor about this life-stage while also creating proprietary products, services and opportunities that enhance the lives of those in this billion dollar 50+ female lifestyle segment.

Nigro is also one of the Founding Partners of First Wives World, LLC, and The site which has grown to 1.5+ Million users and counting, was created to “educate, inspire and entertain the potential 30 million women in the U.S. who can relate to divorce. At the onset, Nigro’ bartered’ The Empire State Building, specifically the front window of The Heartland Brewery on 34th St. and 5th Ave in NYC, and created a make-shift TV Studio where her 200+ “Debbie Does Divorce” videos were shot. The videos featuring evergreen topics and experts to help women through divorce, can be found on You Tube.

Nigro also had a decade-long franchise called “The Working Mom on the Run.” A pioneer in self-syndicated, female-targeted talk radio programming, Nigro built and ran her own radio and television syndication company from 1993 to 2000 to appeal to the then-untapped niche of working moms and was first out online in the mommy space then with During this time, Nigro developed a reputation for creating award-winning branded programming with inventive product integration. Her radio shows and vignettes aired in almost 500 markets with the backing of corporations such as Avon, Blockbuster, General Mills and 7-Eleven. Further, she wrote, produced, and syndicated television features for network news broadcasts in over 60 U.S. markets.

Nigro wrote “The Working Mom On The Run Manual” (aka What The Heck Happened To My Life?) and held her book tour at 7-Elevens throughout the U.S. The book tour was one of the most successful promotions in the history of Southland Corporation.

Nigro also created a line of Working Mom On The Run loungewear that was a ‘best-seller of the week’ on The Home Shopping Network.

Nigro was the winner of the prestigious ‘Best Nationally Syndicated Talk Show of The Year’ – three years in a row, from American Women in Radio & Television. In addition to three ‘Gracie’ awards for Radio, the organization also honored her with the award for ‘Best Television News Feature.’ Nigro also made the list of the Top 100 Talk Show Hosts in the country more than once. More recently, Nigro won Best of Westchester “Funniest Personality”.

Nigro’s prior radio career spanned a decade, and included becoming a rare female a morning drive personality at the time in NYC, the #1 Radio Market on then WPIX-FM. Nigro was also a popular morning personality, news director, and sports reporter at various radio stations in the New York metropolitan area. She was an early recipient of the prestigious Matrix Award from Women In Communications.

Ms. Nigro, known for an idea-a-minute, also offers consulting services.
Nigro excels in quickly assessing and identifying untapped business opportunities for companies and individuals, and creating introductions to strategic partners to further their mission.

Ms. Nigro is a sought-after business advisor and connector because of her consistently fresh-thinking and her unique relationships in multiple industries.

Ms. Nigro is also a powerful motivational speaker known for using humor to entertain while delivering a serious message. She creates speeches specifically for her clients needs. She has been a Keynote Speaker for Avon Products, and various other companies and organizations around the country and is recently back on the speaking circuit. A list of recent speeches, speech topics and client recommendations are available upon request at

Ms. Nigro is currently writing 3 books to be released in 2018.

Nigro has been an upbeat and repeat guest on many network television and radio shows, including CNN’s Headline News Channel, The Today Show, The CBS Early Show, CBS News, FOX, NBC Weekend Today In New York, and many others.

Nigro has been a featured humor writer for More Magazine on and the Divorce Channel.

Nigro was also featured in a reality television show, “Dinner Takes All,” which first aired on TLC.

Ms. Nigro has also had success as a stand-up comic, appearing at the Gotham Comedy Club in NYC and at The New Orleans Comedy Festival in February 2009.

Nigro attended The Ursuline School in New Rochelle, N.Y and received her Bachelor of Science in Radio and Television at Ithaca College in Ithaca, N.Y.

She lives in New Rochelle, NY and has one fabulous newly married daughter Alexis and has acquired a shiny new son-in-law named Carmine.